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‘Surprising Effects in Platinum

Platinum Guild International Germany (PGI) promotes modern jewellery design

The highlight of this sleek,simple design reveals itself only at second glance: the calyx is high-gloss polished inside and out; it plays with the effects of concave and convex curvatures; and it draws its viewer’s gaze into its interior, where the boundaries of the form, apparently dissolved by the reflections, seem no longer comprehensible. Nina Georgia Friesleben uses this baffling effect to manifest her theme of “symbolic form,” which alludes to a concept first articulated by the German philosopher Ernst Cassirer, who used this term to describe the “mental energies” of human beings (knowledge, language, art and science). The jewellery designer believes that this is particularly relevant now: “The immaterial has gained enormously in importance today,” Nina Georgia Friesleben says. She responds to this development by creating an emotional and intuitive formal vocabulary: “My jewellery is like an open vessel into which one can place thoughts or images for safekeeping.” ‘
Platinum Guild International Germany (PGI)

The jewellery and the products are
hand – crafted and manufactured in Germany.
Photo: Imagina Art Aurea
Photo: Günter Brinkmann